Updated Thursday 31st January 2019 :

Our Power, the not for profit energy supplier has gone into administration and has sadly closed down. They are the 10th supplier to cease trading in the past 12 months.

OFGEM the government regulator for the UK's  electricity and gas markets has appointed Utilita Energy to take on ALL customers as of Thursday 31st January 2019.

If you are an existing Our Power customer please read the following advice:

  • Please do not panic, your energy supply will continue as normal
  • Prepayment meter customers should continue to top up as normal 
  • Wait to be contacted by Utilita
  • Take meter readings
  • Leave direct debits in place 
  • Do not try to switch to another supplier at this moment in time as it could complicate matters

Once Utilita have setup your account you can remain with them or if you choose to leave you can, there will be no exit fee's.

A very useful support guide can be found here

Existing Our Power customers can call the dedicated helpline on 03300 583 392 to discuss any questions or concerns. 

The following has been taken directly from OFGEM's website:

  • Utilita is offering Our Power’s customers a competitive tariff and will honour all outstanding credit balances, including money owed to both existing and former customers of Our Power.
  • Warm Home Discount customers who have already been approved by Our Power will continue to receive their payment from Utilita.
  • Utilita will absorb the costs of honouring customers’ credit balances and the migration of customers.
  • For existing customers, energy supplies will continue as normal as they switch over to Utilita on Thursday 31 January.
  • Customers with prepayment tariffs can continue to top up their meters as they had done previously with Our Power. 
  • Customers of Our Power will be contacted over the coming days about the changes. 
  • If customers wish to switch supplier they should shop around. Customers will not be charged exit fees if they decide to switch to another supplier.

Hartlepower is one of several not for profit community organisations in the UK who have been working with Our Power to offer fairer energy tariffs to local residents, this news has come as great shock to everyone and we can only  apologise for any inconvenience caused by this news.