Core Strength – Local Communities


In April 2018 we were delighted to be supported by Comic Relief via the County Durham Community Foundation. This funding will be used to support some of our core running costs allowing us to expand the services that we offer. You can read more about the fund below.


Core Strength – Local Communities for 2017/18 in partnership with UK Community Foundations. This 12 month programme is responding to the growing need of small locally led groups to cover their day to day costs. The aim is to provide funding for groups’ core costs - meaning expenditure that is not connected to delivering projects but focusing on investing in the organisation as a whole, such as basic running costs. We know securing core funding can be tough and want to use this programme to help support those doing much needed work in their local communities.

People living in areas of disadvantage or who face social issues often get vital support from smaller local groups based within their communities. It is these locally based groups that truly understand the needs of the people they serve and make a huge difference to their lives.

We recognise the importance of local community organisations and the pivotal role they play across the UK. That is why we have developed this exciting programme to fund organisational costs only and NOT direct project delivery. This funding will help ensure organisations continue to sustain themselves and support their local communities.

You can learn more about the core strength initiative here.