The Big Energy Saving Network

Hartlepower has been part of the Big Energy Saving Network since 2015 and we have had a fantastic response from residents and community centre's in town. Each year we have grown the size of our local network and delivered presentations, advice surgeries and 1:1 support in peoples homes. 

In connection with our project we where also lucky enough to represent Hartlepool at the Houses of Parliament for the launch of "Big Energy Saving Week" 2015. You can read more about the network below:

"The Big Energy Saving Network complements campaigns such as Big Energy

Saving Week and Energy Best Deal in bringing together trusted third sector and

community bodies to provide targeted, personalised advice that can help bring down

the energy costs of some of Great Britain’s most vulnerable consumers.

The Network has been very successful in engaging vulnerable consumers face to

face and through training of frontline workers, reaching over 500,000 people in the

first 4 years. 

"There is considerable evidence that vulnerable consumers are often among those

most disengaged from the energy market and lack the confidence necessary to save

money by taking action on tariffs, switching and improving energy efficiency.

Consumers who don’t regularly switch are highly likely to be on the most expensive

tariffs and the Network’s primary aim is to support vulnerable consumers to switch

and save." - Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy 2017.